Fake Lake

Fake Lake

Finally, spring! My own Brigadoon appears as the mountains of snow melt. Fake Lake spreads, shimmers, and draws geese and cranes. They float, feed, and swoop . . . for a week or two, tops. Perhaps I should rename Fake Lake. It’s Training Lake. It disappears as its fickle lovers move on to more substantial bodies of water that have finally surrendered their coats of ice to wink and wave seductively. “Epic” is a word on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. But the cycle represented by my sweet Fake Lake is not that. I’d call it Proverbial: this too shall pass . . . and return. But RIGHT NOW – it’s Spring!


2 thoughts on “Fake Lake

  1. Barbara Fay says:

    Thanks, Belinda. I’m rewriting the copy, as one of my writer friends pointed out that cranes don’t prefer lakes but marshlands.

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